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Episode #18: Street Fighter Retrospective & SFV First Impressions



With the recent release of Street Fighter V and the 25th anniversary of SFII and of course being one of the Sore Thumbs favourite gaming series, we thought we would bring you an extended episode taking a retrospective look at the main Street Fighter games.  As well as a quick first impression of the latest installment. 



SF pressure senstive pads:

SF '89 (Final Fight):

SF2 Rainbow edition bootleg:

Guile's theme goes with everything meme:

Polygon's oral history of SFII:

Street Fighter II: The animated Movie: A Must watch!!

Street Fighter: The Movie: (Nick's favourite movie)

SFIII EVO '04 Semifinal - Daigo Vs. Justin Wong:

The Excellent adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross (Cross Counter TV) on Youtube:

'I am Street Fighter 25th anniversary' Documentry:

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