Sore Thumbs Podcast: Classic games revisited

We talky talk about the retro games. The sore thumbs podcast! Join Ash Holmes and Nick McNamara as they entertain you through their experiences in gamings history.

Episode #16: Donkey Kong


We're back for our first podcast of the year! We've decided to start the new year off with one of our favorite arcade games, Nintendo's Donkey Kong.

Join Ash and Nick as they discuss the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. It's classic status of being Mario's first ever appearence along with all the influences to sequels, clones and even coming into the mainsteam with the notorious 'King of Kong' documentry and the famous 'Kong off' event.

We also have a ongoing highscore 'mini kong off' of our every own. (between the two of us) which we're hopefully going to arrange at the four thieves pub on the 5th March. Come and Join us and let us know your highscores!

p.s we're changing the way we're recording so tinkering with it might be a little different. We're sorting the kinks out so bare with us!

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The four Thieves pub


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